Fundamentals is a class that introduces you to the fundamentals and basic movements of CrossFit. Our Fundamentals class is completed in a one-on-one individual class that is scheduled with a Coach. Please contact us to schedule a time that fits your schedule.

Please contact us for the cost.

Once complete, you can choose the Membership option that fits your lifestyle. You are free to choose any class, and we will scale the workouts to ease you into the workload. You will meet other RDCF members, learn the typical flow of a one-hour class, and get an even better idea of everything we do. We advise new members to start with no more than three WOD’s (or Workouts Of the Day) a week and add in classes as they become acclimated to the workload. In order to attain your maximum results, Unlimited or 3x/wk memberships are recommended.

If you are interested in signing up for a Fundamentals Class, complete our short registration form.